Monday, April 25, 2011

DiorShow mascara, Beauty Blender, & MAC on

I ended up browsing through the makeup on on one of my study breaks & I found out that they have a lot more products for sale besides the brands that are listed on their makeup brands page. I found so many goodies including the popular DiorShow mascara, the Beauty Blender, & MAC lipglosses. But if you click Christian Dior Makeup on the makeup brands page, it will take you to a page that says error. If you search Beauty Blender or MAC, the search shows no results. Then how did I find these products??

Since I have the link to Apothica in my sidebar, I thought I'd do this post on how to navigate the site to achieve the best results & find tons of awesome products. Keep reading to find out how you can navigate the site in a better way in order to find these products yourself!

Christian Dior Makeup DiorShow Mascara Waterproof #090 Black

Givenchy Lip Lip Lip! Lipstick #313 Blushing Red (Extreme)

Beauty Blender

MAC Lip Glass Lip Gloss Magnetique

Benefit Moon Beam Iridescent Complexion Enhancer

OPI Nail Lacquer #A20 La Paz-Itively Hot - Matte Nail Polish

CHANEL Quatuor Boutons De Chanel Les Folies Noires

After looking at some of these products you might be wondering why you didn't find them while you were browsing the site. Well, I'm here to share how.
Instead of searching for makeup by trying to look up the brand name, I suggest you click Makeup (on the horizontal menu). Then when the makeup page shows up, select See All Links under PRODUCT TYPE (in the vertical menu on the left). You will be overwhelmed by the amount of products & popular brands in each sub-category under PRODUCT TYPE. Select a sub-category (for example, bronzers, lip gloss, mascara, primer, etc.). That's exactly how I found these goodies!

By the way, all the products above have been linked to their respective page so you don't have to browse through tons of pages. Just click the image & it will take you to the products' page directly & you can add it to your cart.

Happy Shopping ;)
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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Xenab's Atelier: Spring 2011 Formal Collection

It's very rare that I like almost all the pieces from a designers collection, so when I came across the Xenab's Atelier Spring 2011 collection of formal wear, I HAD to share! Here are some of my absolute favourites from the collection for you to enjoy.

Images are from the Xenab's Atelier page on Facebook

Aren't these just so FAB? Check out the complete Spring 2011 collection on the Xenab's Atelier page on Facebook. You'll fall in love too! I'm definitely going to be keeping an eye on this designer.


P.S. A fraud by Xenab's Atelier has been brought to my attention. I am a neutral 3rd party - I do not know the designer or the person who pointed out this fraud. I posted about this collection because I thought it was breathtaking, however, I thought it's important to let people know & make their own decision on whether they want to purchase from this designer or not. There are comments on the Xenab's Atelier page on Facebook from satisfied customers as well.
Be careful with all your online purchases & do your research about the company before making a purchase!
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