Sunday, September 11, 2011

Anushka Sharma's 26 Desi Outfits in Band Baaja Baaraat (Bollywood Movie)

When I saw the Bollywood movie Band Baaja Baaraat, I completely fell in love with the outfits that the actress, Anushka Sharma, was wearing. Everything that she wore in the movie was bold & colourful just like the movie itself. What caught my eye the most was the contrasting colours in the South Asian outfits that she wore: churidaar, shalwar kameez, a saree, & a lehenga. While watching the movie, I knew I wanted to do a post just on the outfits (besides the Western outfits & short kurtis/shirts with jeans) that she wore in the movie.

I would wear every single one of these outfits because even the simple ones are pretty & I have always loved outfits with bold & contrasting colours!

Before I get to the main bulk of the post, which is of course the pictures, I have included a short description for those who are not familiar with South Asian outfits.
Here's how you can differentiate between the different types of outfits:
  • Churidaar: churidaar pyjama (tight pants - these are longer than your legs, so when you put them on, they are supposed to pleat at the end around the ankle area), kurta (long shirt), dupatta (long scarf)
    - Example: Outfit 1
  • Shalwar kameez: shalwar (loose pants), kameez (long shirt - different word for a 'kurta'), dupatta (long scarf)
    Note: Since the actress is shown as Punjabi, she is mostly wearing semi-patiala or patiala shalwars, which just means that there is a lot more material & pleating involved as compared to a regular shalwar.
    - Example: Outfit 2
  • Saree: blouse, petticoat (this is the skirt that the saree material is wrapped around - you're not supposed to see this part of the outfit), saree material
    - Example: Outfit 25
  • Lehenga: blouse/shirt, skirt, dupatta (long scarf)
    - Example: Outfit 26
Now that all that is out of the way, I won't keep you waiting any longer. I've created a slideshow of the images, so just hit play & sit back & enjoy looking at the 26 outfits!

Some of the pictures taken from the movie's website (these have the Band Baaja Baaraat logo on them), some were found online, & others are all screenshots from the movie. Some of the screenshots are really blurry because she was moving so fast & it was hard to capture the outfit at a time when the details of the outfit were showing properly.

Click the image below to visit the official Band Baaja Baaraat website.

Hope you guys enjoyed looking at all the outfits. Would you wear something with such bold, contrasting colours?
I definitely have in the past & will continue to do so! ;)
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Friday, September 9, 2011

A Foot Henna Design... On My Hand?

My parents always tell me I should apply henna on Eid, but I'm moody so I usually don't. A few days ago (after Eid) I was in the mood so I decided to finally apply henna on the back of one hand.

I usually prefer having a henna design that I like in front of me so I don't mess up my hands experimenting with designs. This time I chose a foot henna design that I had been wanting to try on my hands for a while.

The original design (pictured below) is by Nadra from NJ's Unique Henna Art.

I came across NJ's Unique Henna Art when my best friend asked me to find her a henna artist for her summer (2010) wedding. I researched & found quite a few henna artists but I was impressed with Nadra's online portfolio as soon as I saw it. Her designs are super neat, intricate, & just completely amazing!
& I do realize that it sounds like I'm being compensated for this post by Nadra, but I'm not. Her work is actually that awesome.

To see more of NJ's Unique Henna Art, check out the links below.
Facebook page:
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